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Learning to teach:  how to help  for beginners  in the company

A newcomer to the company — who should train them and how? How can I make adaptation faster and work more effectively even at first?
What if the newcomer does not fit into the team and comes up with “stupid” initiatives? Let’s look into these issues together with our coach!

Victoria Shukhat, expert practitioner in the field of management development and promotion strategy of the company, specialist in bringing new products and services to the market, author of books on sales techniques “Clientoscope” and “how to attract and retain a client”.

In my experience, in companies where there is a practice of mentoring newcomers to adapt quickly. Their desire to be useful increases, and their rate of return increases.

Mentoring is an effective way to transfer professional knowledge from a more experienced specialist (mentor) to a less experienced one (protégé).

In a new place, everyone gets pink glasses when everything is pleasant and you are full of enthusiasm. But over time, the routine heaps on and comes with frustration. How deep and long this period will last depends on the mentor.
This is a person who helps a newcomer get used to it, passes on the formal and informal principles of working in the company.

Its responsibilities:

Create a friendly atmosphere.
The mentor can call for lunch, ask for help in organizing the event. All this requires an exit from traditional roles, allowing you to communicate in an informal setting. As a result, it will be easier for a novice to seek advice — they will no longer come to a colleague, but to a friend.
Show responsibilities, monitor intermediate results.
The task of the mentor is to make sure that the mentee understands all the stages of work and does not hesitate to ask “stupid” questions.
Getting to know the team members.
You can send out emails with the introduction of a new employee — this will be nice for a novice and useful for colleagues who will understand what kind of person this is and what kind of background they have.
Give feedback to management about this employee.
The mentor sees not only the “fulfilled/not fulfilled” facts, but also the attitude to their duties. There are projects where a lot depends on human qualities, so it is better to warn the authorities in advance about the alarming symptoms.
Portrait of an ideal mentor
Portrait of an ideal mentor
Works for at least a year in this company
Positive thinking person
Have a hobby
There are concrete successes in the current position
“A pioneer is an example for all children”: a mentor is someone you would like to look up to. He demonstrates that in this organization you can not only work out, but also live a full life: travel, take photos, plant flowers.

It is desirable that the potential mentor has specific successes in the company over the past year. Such achievements are necessary for understanding why this person was chosen.

The head of the Department is not at all suitable for this position. Otherwise, he must be insanely tolerant and infinitely wise to succeed in mentoring.
“We can’t pay extra for this!» – many companies say.

But it is not necessary to allocate huge bonuses, you can give a small amount as a thank you for the special operation.

There are a lot of non-material ways to reward, and some of them are much more pleasant than money. For sure, the employee will be more pleased with their Parking space or the ability to move their work schedule. The company does not cost anything, but what an effect!
Did you know that in Western organizations there should be
a mentor is a great honor? For employees
this recognition is not only professional,
but also human qualities, social status,
which is valued much more than financial

Possible problems with newcomers
A person feels abandoned, abandoned. At the same time, he is shy to ask anything from colleagues.
The newcomer tries to tactlessly impose his own rules on everyone.
Even if he offers great ideas, giving them kills the desire to listen.
To solve these problems — the task of the head, senior in rank.
He can talk to the new employee and take some measures.

For what reasons should I fire a person before the probation period?
For what reasons should I fire a person before the probation period?
It is not necessary to waste professionals, but there are symptoms after which you need to dismiss the employee unconditionally.

If a person shows rudeness, rudeness, or makes incorrect remarks.
It will spoil the mood of the others, and the mood is very important!
Neither the amount of money, nor the position, nor the status does not matter if employees are uncomfortable going to the office. And why keep a man who makes no one want to show up at work?
When a person is not interested in learning.
Some companies are constantly introducing new products, technologies, and ideas. If an employee is not ready to learn new things, they will lag behind.
And it is no longer possible to assign him the same amount of tasks as before.
Conflicts with existing employees.
But here you need to understand when a person is under stress, and when he deliberately puts himself in a confrontation with others and can not work in a team.
Failure to fulfill promises.
If a person was assigned something, and he:
Didn’t do it
I didn’t even warn you about it in advance
In other words, they not only fail to cope with the tasks, but also do not realize that this is a problem. The “nobody died” attitude is a very disturbing symptom.
What should I do if I have doubts?
It happens like this: a person has not done anything criminal, but there is some residue, as if he is a stranger in the team.

In this case, you need to give him a task that is not related to his direct duties. Ask them to make a test project, organize an event, and carefully observe their behavior. See how it copes with the task, what it does, and how it treats the additional load. All this will help you make conclusions about whether you need such a person in the team.

When should I end my probation period earlier?
When should I end my probation period earlier?
When there is a feeling that a person has worked in a team all his life. He fits in perfectly, understands everything, smiles at everyone, asks questions.

A good sign is a proactive position. When a novice with a clear view offers reasonable and profitable economic solutions, taking the initiative gently and unobtrusively.

This also applies to employees who are interested in opportunities that go beyond their direct responsibilities. When an employee says: “let me do it, “” let me help here.” All these are signs that you can finish your probation period much earlier.

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