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How to solve email marketing tasks

Email marketing is the best online tool for long-term relationships with clients. It is used to introduce users to the brand, remove fears and distrust, and guide them through the sales funnel. For business, the email channel is one of the most profitable. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted a couple of years ago by Econsultancy together with Adestra among marketers of Western companies.

To successfully develop your channel and achieve your goals, you need to work competently with your customer base, send them personalized offers, and analyze the results.This article contains 6 main tasks that an email marketer faces.

1. Develop a subscriber base
The list of subscribers is a key component of email marketing. No subscribers — no mailing lists. In order for the database to grow, you must solve the user’s problems and motivate them to subscribe to the newsletter. To do this, subscription forms are personalized depending on the placement page or customer segment.

Already at the subscription stage, you can find out about the user not only by email. For example, Lamoda offers users to choose which selection of products they want to receive — men’s or women’s. Afterwards, they do basic segmentation by subscriber gender.

It is also important to control the quality of the database and the outflow of subscribers from the mailing list — how and why the unsubscription occurs, how to reduce this indicator and reduce the outflow.

2. Deal with database segmentation and mailing list personalization
One of the key rules of email marketing is to send emails at the right time, with the right content, to the right subscriber. This approach is most effective — users are waiting for these emails and are happy to receive them.

Your task is to identify criteria for optimal user segmentation. The basic division is gender, age, buyer of a certain product category, or user of the selected operating system (for example, iOS). According to the received parameters, users are grouped together. For them, you prepare a unique email campaign with automatic data substitution for each segment.

Advanced segmentation is based on CLT and RFM analysis.

CLT (customer life-time)-analysis allows you to identify subscribers in segments based on their life cycle and determine their status — active, “half-dead” or completely inactive. Depending on the status, we configure certain tactics. We send reactivation chains” half-dead ” and inactive in order to restore the user’s lost interest in the brand.
RFM analysis builds user segments based on three parameters: the age of purchases, the frequency of purchases, and the size of the subscriber’s receipt. For example, you can select VIP customers who buy a lot and often, new customers with a small check, customers who have not made purchases for a long time, and other groups.
Individual offers are set up for each group based on their current needs:

special service offers for VIP clients;
for customers who buy frequently, but for small amounts — offers of additional products;
for those who bought for the first time — onboarding-a chain of acquaintance with your service.
3. Send regular emails
Regular mailings are sent to a dedicated segment or to the entire subscriber base. They usually contain promotional offers or informational materials. The frequency of sending depends on the type of business and can range from one email per month to several emails per day.

The first regular newsletter is easy to launch: you open an account in the email marketing platform, fill in the subscriber base, configure the email, send and collect the first results. Then the email marketer needs to build a process for preparing the content of emails and assemble a team that will work with them.

4. Configure automatic email newsletters
In addition to promotional and content mailings, the email marketer develops a map of trigger communications. It is based on the user’s behavior and the occurrence of the event. For example:

user behavior — viewed the product card/product category or put the product in the basket, and so on.
when an event occurs — the user’s birthday, a reminder of an upcoming workshop, and so on.
As an email marketer, you are responsible for:

for working out trigger tactics: segment and time of sending;
for developing the technical side of implementing them on your site and in the mailing platform;
for the content content and appearance of emails;
for setting up email newsletters in the mailing platform.
5. Monitor the delivery of mailings
It’s not enough just to create and send an email message, you need to make sure that it ends up in your Inbox.

Work with deliverability begins at the stage of collecting the subscriber base. It should not contain non-existent email addresses. Then you:

configure the necessary digital signatures and protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC);
working with blacklists;
control the sender’s reputation;
keep track of critical indicators for the number of delivery errors, complaints, and unsubscriptions.
6. Analyze results and increase efficiency
Analytics is your key to understanding channel performance and increasing revenue. The Email marketer monitors the indicators of openings and clicks, the level of unsubscriptions and complaints, delivery errors, and the dynamics of growth and outflow of the subscriber base. It is responsible for metrics, since they are not affected by external factors.

All these indicators do not say anything about money and earnings from the email channel. To assess its material effectiveness, deeper data is analyzed:

RPE-earning from one sent email;
LTV (life-time value) – earnings from the user during their lifetime;
earning directly from each of the mailing lists;
direct and associated conversions.
Unfortunately, these indicators are affected not only by the email channel, but also by the performance of the site / landing page, and the quality of the advertised product.

To improve performance, split testing is performed-comparing two or more options with each other. Usually compare:

location of elements in the message,
calls to action,
email topics,
date and time of dispatch, etc.
After each test, the result is checked for statistical significance in order to use really correct data, rather than relying on conflicting information.

In addition to the 6 points described above, the email marketer solves the issues of channel maintenance:

Selects the mailing platform and related services.
Configures the Analytics system.
Manages document flow.
Collects reports and adjusts the channel’s course of development.
To understand email marketing, as a specialist, you must have:

strategic and technical skills for developing communication tactics and technical requirements for integrating services among themselves;
analytical skills and understanding of the meaning of reports to make informed and correct decisions;
understanding the target audience to create quality offers.
At the “Email marketing from A to Z” workshop, we will analyze in detail the tasks that the email channel faces, learn how to set goals and achieve them. You will understand how to make an email strategy and a marketing newsletter.

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