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Prime time on television costs millions of rubles.
If you divide the cost of advertising by the audience of the program,  you will get the price of viewing the future client.
And this is a less frightening figure.
However, you can’t show ads to individual viewers,  so we’ll have to put up with the TV prices.
This means that most companies can’t afford it.

We have collected some recommendations and ideas for you,  how to get your company on TV for free.

Select a site with the desired target audience
News is watched by people of different age categories and social status. And thematic talk shows and TV programs with lower ratings cover a narrowly tailored audience for your product or service.

Choose a clear hit to your potential customers.
For example, a program for fishing enthusiasts or needlewomen,
engaged in scrapbooking.

Make a brisk press release about the latest
When writing a press release, remember: you are not selling your company, but unique products or valuable analytical data that will be useful to society, business, science, or culture.

Get into the skin of a journalist — they are always hunting for new products! Therefore, write about the event tasty and interesting. When referring to your company, avoid the vague phrases “best company”, “full range of services”, “guaranteed” and the like. Just facts and figures.

Create a social project/event and “fill” it with unique activities
Experts called this method — social and ethical marketing. When you give to the world and don’t ask for money in return, the good is returned to your company in the form of media coverage and a flood of new customers. Banal collection of clothing for an orphanage will not cause a response from the public. Turn on your imagination!

For example:

flash mob on the topic of healthy lifestyle
(projects “Run for me”, “Healthy to be fashionable”)
repairs in an orphanage by the efforts of pupils
(project Business of Youth (BM) ” Canteen of dreams»)
The guys from BM together with their children sent out offers of cooperation to Leroy Merlin, Your House and others. The companies promptly responded and sent the necessary construction materials for free. To pay for repairs to contractors, the Business Youth community organized an online fundraiser and collected even more than planned.

Everyone was fired up by the project’s goal-to teach children to independently search for materials and control contractors, to come up with interior design. After all, the state gives them an apartment for their 18th anniversary. This is a new approach to orphans: not with pity, but with a willingness to teach them to make adult decisions in the real world.
This is what the media wrote about.

karaoke battle in a nursing home (social reality show ” it’s fashionable to be Healthy»)
Project participants who chose a healthy lifestyle competed in singing Soviet hits with residents of the gerontology center.
This event was mentioned by local channels and radio.

Organize an unprecedented event
The crisis forces us to turn to low-budget partisan advertising. This type of marketing is built on a phenomenal event that any self-respecting media can’t miss. The press loves sensationalism, exclusive products.
This type of advertising includes “viral marketing”,
“ambient media” (ambient media), “shocking marketing” and others. You just need to create an informational occasion.

For example:

Organize an open-air event with extreme sports if you have a youth audience.
A great option if you sell sports clothing, appliances, trendy farm food or provide fitness services, beauty salons, recording studios and video production.

Hire graffiti artists who will draw pictures depicting the benefits of your brand.
The idea is suitable for any company in the B2C market, and graffiti placed near exhibition centers will be useful for the B2B sector. (The previous examples have been tested by me in practice)

Follow the simple instructions and your company will appear on TV screens.

Learn about successful examples of partisan advertising and get inspired for your project.

Students are boisterous. Advertising of cognac ” Shustov»
1. Students are rowdy. Advertising of “Shustov” cognac
Russian merchant Nikolai Shustov at the beginning
The 20th century employed a team of students.
The duties of secret employees included:
visiting the capital’s Inns and restaurants
cognac “Shustov”. Not getting what you want, guys
there were loud scandals and fights.
This is how Moscow got acquainted with the new brand
alcoholic drink from Newspapers!

Light beam Mini Cooper
2. Mini Cooper light Beam
The recipe for viral advertising is simple: take a Mini Cooper,
attached to a multi-story building,
and 2500 watt floodlights that reach
to the stratosphere. Getting live ads
in media reports.

Heavy-duty scotchshield glass film
3. heavy-duty scotchshield glass film
Advertising campaign for protective film for glasses
Scotchshield plays on the contrast.
Imagine: 3 transparent “safes”
with “anti-vandal” scotchshield film.
In each window, 1 million dollars and the inscription:
“The money is real! Who will break it —
he will take it.”

The marketing ploy cost the company only 6 thousand dollars:
glass and a million, despite all attempts, remained intact.
As a result, most of the channels covered the contest, and the photo report
it is still stored on marketing and advertising resources.

Euroset section of customers
4. Euroset customer section
Organize an informational
the occasion is on the verge of piquancy. So you will force the media
highlight your event.Euroset company April 1
2002 launched the campaign-consultants awarded
phone to all naked visitors. Even fool’s day
no one was confused: this “show” gathered a lot
participants and viewers. On photo and video media
the Euroset logo lit up.

Pictures of naked and happy owners of Motorola C350 are still found on the Internet. The flashmob’s budget was $ 1,300, and the recognition of the Euroset has increased dramatically.

Heineken football setup
5. Heineken Football setup
On the eve of the UEFA Champions League match
Real Madrid vs AC Milan representatives of Heineken
recruited 200 volunteers: girls, wives,
bosses, correspondents, and teachers.
The conspirators convinced 1,136 people
fans sacrifice watching the match
for an evening of classical music and poetry.

What a genuine delight seized the men when they found out that they were watching the match in a concert hall! The media was also present in the hall and filmed the news about it.

Volkswagen. Stairs-piano
6.Volkswagen. Stairs-piano
Video of the advertising Agency DDB Stockholm
for Volkswagen, the slogan was:
“Will you walk up the stairs more often,
if it’s fun?” In the usual way
the stairs were turned into an underground passage
in a big piano with real ones
step keys.

Passers-by created their own tunes with their feet and experienced great pleasure! The press also noticed this “incident” and reported it to the world.

And there are many such examples. Ideas are in the air, and it’s time to grab them by the tail. Go for it! You just need to create your own creative idea that will interest the media. Then potential clients will learn about you from the cherished TV screen.

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